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University of Warsaw - Faculty of Economic Sciences

University of Warsaw (UW), founded in 1816, is one of the best universities in Poland. The high level of scientific research, its connection with the education of students and the diversity and attractiveness of our teaching determines the position of the University in the country and in the world. UW scholars regularly receive awards and win competitions for research grants. UW infrastructure is constantly improved and developed. Renovated and expanding university buildings provide convenient environment to study.

Faculty of Economic Sciences degree programmes combine solid foundation of academic education with high quality of specialised knowledge, without which one cannot smoothly function in modern economic environment. Our graduates are respected and sought out by employers and easily find employment in various institutions. University of Warsaw is one of the most prestigious universities in this part of Europe.

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Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych
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Course Location Price Fee per semestr
BA Finance, Investments and Accounting (Spec. Finance and International Investment) (3 years) Warsaw 6600 € 1100 €


Course Location Price Fee per semestr
MA Finance, Investments and Accounting (Spec. Quantitative Finance) (2 years) Warsaw 4400 € 1100 €
MA Economics (Spec. International Economics) (2 years) Warsaw 4400 € 1100 €
MA Informatics and Econometrics (Spec. Data Science) (2 years) Warsaw 4400 € 1100 €


Course Location Price Fee per semestr
PhD Economics (4 years) Warsaw 12000 € 1500 €

About school

Faculty of Economic Sciences, as the only one in the country was awarded a prestigious distinction for its curricula in economics by the State Accreditation Committee (a ministerial body carrying out quality control with respect to institutions of higher education). Thus, we feel justified to claim that the curricula we offer to our students are the best in Poland!

There are many Polish schools - although by far not all of them - whose economics curricula were recognised by the State Accreditation Committee. However only the one offered at the Warsaw University Faculty of Economic Sciences was awarded the distinction in the course of this process. The State Accreditation Committee has been very restrictive in its decisions (University of Warsaw was awarded such an honour only twice so far), therefore our satisfaction is even greater. The written justification of the award is quite extensive and it will inspire us to further efforts towards applying our successful experience in all other curricula offered by our Faculty.


Application procedure

1.) Candidates register online, enter their personal information into the IRK system (Warsaw University online application system), choose the field of study.

2.) Candidates remit the application fee to the relevant bank account specified in the IRK System (the account number varies depending on the currency in which the payment is made - PLN, EUR or USD, for details see "Fees and expenses").

3.) A complete application should contain:

A. Certified copy of maturity exam/abitur/attestat/final high school certificate;

B. Translation into Polish language of the maturity exam/abitur/attestat/final high school certificate made by a sworn translator or Polish consulate (if the document is in different language than Polish);

C. Confirmation by Polish consulate that the document allows you to undertake studies (see the form for embassies);

D. An application form (only for candidates who have other document than polish maturity/IB/EB);

E. Confirmation of proficiency in English (level B2; accepted certificates: Cambridge (FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC - above "Vantage", CEIBT), IELTS (above 6), TOEFL (Paper: above 510, CBT: above 180; iTB: above 64), TOEIC (above 700), CELS (above "Vantage"), ESOL, IESOL, standardized EU B2 level certificates. Does not apply to citizens of English speaking countries);

F. Photocopy of the data page of your passport or your ID card;

G. Proof of remittance of the application fee (see point 2).

The application file may be handed in or sent by traditional mail to the:

Biuro Rekrutacji

Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych

Uniwersytet Warszawski

ul. Długa 44/55

00-241 Warszawa


Room nr 1





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