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PhD Power and Aeronautical Engineering

Research fields offered in doctorate studies

  • Power systems, stations and equipment; Mathematical modeling of power systems; Ecological aspects of power systems; Pumps, water turbines; Steam turbines; Fluidized bed boilers.
  • Thermodynamics; Heat Transfer; Numerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer; Energy Storage; Energy Conversion; Renewable energy sources; Solar Engineering; Thermoelectric Conversion;
  • Heat and mass exchange; Low-temperature plasma; Heat pumps; Refrigerating systems.
  • Combustion systems of internal combustion engines; Computer modeling of flows and combustion in IC engines; Emissions from combustion; Alternative fuels: methane, hydrogen; Combustion dynamics of gas fuels and dust-air mixtures; Gaseous detonations; Pulse detonation engines; Gas and dust explosions; Industrial and turbine combustion chambers; Computer modeling of combustion and detonation; Combustion in rockets;
  • Analytical Methods in Mechanics; Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures; Modeling and Computer Simulation in Machine Design; Theoretical Fluid Mechanics; Experimental fluid mechanics; Unsteady Flows;
  • Aircraft Composite Structures; Aircraft Structures Design and Research; Aviation Equipment and Control of Objects in Motion; Dynamics of Movable Objects; Flight Mechanics and Airplane Aerodynamics; Helicopter Mechanics; Maintenance of Aircraft; Subsonic Aerodynamics;
  • Robotics and Biomechanics;
  • Thin-Walled Constructions; Experimental Methods in Machine Design; Experimental Methods in Strength of Materials; Mechanics of Machines and Devices; Numerical Methods in Mechanics of Elastic Structures; Reliability


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