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Student's talk:
Khalifa Fagih (Libya)
My father studied in Poland in the 70s. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and also study construction in Poland. Through Think Poland I found out about scholarships for top students and submitted my application. I was lucky to be a winner and can study now at half the price!

Studying in Poland means quality education at a low cost. Additionally, you can apply for various scholarships and discounts for international students.

For example, the Polish Government Scholarship will not only pay your tuition fees but also give you a monthly allowance, which will cover some of your everyday living costs.The Government Scholarship is granted for a specific period of time. However, you may apply to extend it to cover the total time of your studies in Poland.

How can you do that? You need to apply at a Polish consulate or embassy in your home country. If you would like to find out what conditions have to be met in order to apply, please contact one of our agents or check the application form at the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

Moreover, you can apply for discounted college fees or even a total tuition waiver if you are in a difficult financial situation or if you aim to pursue two fields of study simultaneously.

If you are of Polish origin and if this can be verified by Polish Consulate or Embassy, you are entitled to a lower fee at a university in Poland. If you’d like to know more, you can ask our agent.

A number of Polish universities have their own scholarship programs and these are up for grabs for the international students, too. Exemplary grades will get you there, however you can also receive scholarships in financial support of your scientific research. If you’d like to find out whether your university of choice offers such financial aid, please check the individual university’s presentation.

Some international students can apply to Polish universities under the same conditions as Poles – for full daily studies, free of charge. This is the case if they:

  • have the Stay Card (Karta Pobytu),
  • have the political status of a refugee,
  • are in a state of temporary protection in the Republic of Poland’s territory, OR
  • are migrating workers from another EU country or under the Central European Free Trade Agreement and have been working and living in the country.

Needless to say, the same entry requirements apply for international students as Polish ones.

We can make our tuition fees even more attractive! Various scholarships increase your chances of studying in Poland!

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Work and Study in Poland learn English and get your Student Visa to Poland in Europe.