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Student's talk:
Putu Waluyo (Indonesia)
There are so many different types of schools offering higher education in Poland that at first I was a bit confused. Now, I tell my friends – If you are into all sorts of machines, engines and engineering – pick one of the Polytechnics. The rest you can learn at a University! ;)

In Poland, higher schools of education can be public or private. Public schools are those, which are financed fully or partially by the state. Private schools are fully financed from private funds. Universities are always public schools, as are medical universities. Whether your school is public or private can make a difference when you wish to apply for a state scholarship.

The following types of schools exist in Poland:

  • Universities
  • Polytechnics or Universities of Technology
  • Higher Schools of Pedagogy
  • Medical Schools or Medical Universities
  • Academies of Fine Art, Film or Theatre
  • Music Academies
  • Higher Schools of Physical Education
  • And others

If you are not sure which type of school would be most suitable for you, our Think Poland agents be happy to help you.

Fields of study

Each school offers a number of fields of studies. If you would like to check if your school of choice has a course you are interested in, please log in and check the individual school’s presentation.

Humanities History, Languages, Literature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Visual Arts
Social sciences Anthropology, Archeology, Cultural & Ethnic Studies, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
Natural sciences Space sciences, Earth science, Chemistry, Physics, Life sciences
Formal sciences Computer science, Mathematics
Professions and applied sciences Agriculture, Architecture and Design, Business, Divinity, Education, Engineering, Environmental studies and Forestry, Health sciences, Journalism and Mass media communication, Law, Public affairs, Social work, Transportation

Search courses

Polish Education System Scheme

Schemat systemu edukacji w Polsce


There are various types of universities in Poland. Check which one offers the academic courses of your interest!

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