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Siripan Sudham (Thailand)
I am studying International Business and at the same time learning Spanish. In the future, I would like to work for a Spanish corporation somewhere in Europe. I believe that studying in Poland will help me reach my goal.

You do not have to know Polish in order to study in Poland. A good knowledge of English gives you an opportunity to study at the majority of Polish Universities. You can also pick courses in French or German. A few basic phrases in Polish though will make your stay more enjoyable in the country.

Most of the schools have Polish courses for beginners. If you would like to attend a university course which is lectured in Polish, your knowledge of the language should be sufficient to actively participate in the class. However, it does not mean that you should know Polish prior to arriving in the country!

There are many ways to learn Polish. One of them is to book an intensive year-long language course, offered by some Universities. Apart from learning grammar and vocabulary, you will also become acquainted with Polish culture. If you would like to enroll to such a course, please check whether your school of choice offers one.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, but are interested in learning the Polish language and getting to know the culture of the country you are planning to come to, please contact your Think Poland agent who will be happy to advise you on your study options.

While you are studying in Poland, you can also learn another foreign language. It is obligatory to study a foreign language as part of your curriculum in college, so you can pick the one you are most interested in. To see a full list of language course offerings, please check your school’s presentation.

Another option is to find a tandem partner, i.e. another student who can give you private classes in Polish or English, etc. in exchange for classes in your native tongue. You can post your ad on the Think Poland platform. Here, you can also find other foreign students living in Poland and start new friendships.

The knowledge of foreign languages is a key to success! In Poland you can study any foreign language!

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