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Student's talk:
Saif Bachchan (India)
If you are from India, like me, you probably do not know where to look for job offers for international students. A friend told me I should visit Think Poland office. They showed me where to find job listings for students and two weeks later I started an evening job in a supermarket!

If you are looking for a job, start from our news section. You will find some regular job offers there.

Obviously, there are many other places where you can find current job vacancies. You can start with the national daily papers and weekly job supplements that are published in the majority of Polish dailies. On Mondays you can check them in Gazeta Wyborcza or visit its website any day of the week. Other Polish newspapers Polska The Times and Rzeczpospolita have job sections on their websites, too.

Do not forget about smaller regional papers. They also have job sections where you can find vacancies in your neighborhood.

Some of popular job portals include:

You should also try notice boards in supermarkets like Tesco or Real – sometimes you can find some temporary job offers like helping with housework or dog-walking there.

When you are looking for a job, you should also bear in mind that your wages depend on where you live. Naturally, the best wages are offered in big cities, regardless of the type of a position.

The minimum wage in Poland is 317 euro per month. A student can earn about 10-15 PLN (2.5 – 3.75 euro) per hour.

Most employers require a CV. The better your CV is prepared, the higher your chance to find a job! The best season to look for work is definitely the summer. Then, you can find work in agriculture or tourism. Remember, the better you know the Polish language, the easier it will be to find employment.

How can we help you?

  • To prepare a well-written CV – go to our CV creator or contact one of our Think Poland Agents.
  • Free consultations and assistance in looking for a job
  • Income tax information and assistance in submitting annual income tax applications (PIT)
  • Weekly job listings with job offers for students

House cleaning
Garden work
Seasonal work
Waiting tables
10-15 PLN / hour
10 PLN / hour
10-15 PLN / hour, 15-20 PLN / hour at weekends
5-10 PLN / hour
around 10 PLN / hour + tips

Are you looking for a job? Check the job offers in our news section first!

Remember, it is up to your incentive and determination to find employment and start to work on your career.

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