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Accommodation in Poland

Student's talk:
Chen Lin (China)
Finding a place to live in Warsaw on your own can be tough if you do not know much about the city, not to mention the difficult language! Think Poland helped me to find a nice room in a students' apartment near the metro line. It saved me the hassle and stress dealing with the landlords. Thanks, Guys!

You are probably wondering what living conditions you can expect on arrival in Poland. Well, do not worry, we have options to suit everyone! If you would like to travel around Poland during your study breaks and save money on cheaper accommodation, we have plenty of shared accommodation options to choose from. You will meet new people and save money at the same time! If, on the other hand, you value the peace and quiet of living of your own – why not rent your own studio or apartment?

Below are the most frequently picked accommodation options among students in Poland:

  • Shared accommodation - is one of the most known styles of living among students. It is most suitable for those who have already made friends in Poland and would like to share an apartment together. Before you can move in, you usually have to provide a one month deposit. Prices vary from 600 – 900 PLN per room per month depending on the location and standard of the residence. A booking fee is required.
  • A flat – Students who prefer to live on their own can opt for a flat or a studio rental. We have a number of available flats in the major cities of Poland which are ready to be viewed and booked. For example, in Warsaw prices vary from 900 – 1200 PLN per room per month. A two bedroom apartment costs 1600 – 2000 PLN per month and a studio between 1300 – 1600 PLN per month. Other cities are relatively cheaper. A deposit of approximately one month’s rent is required. A booking fee is required.
  • A dorm - this option is only available for university students. Student dormitories are usually situated outside the campus. It is important to note that places available in dorms are limited and usually reserved for students who cannot afford private accommodation options. Prices sytart from approx. 400 PLN per month.

Do not fret over where to live! Depending on your budget, we will find you a suitable accommodation in a student area so that you feel safe and among fellow students!

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