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Jasna Gora panorama from St. Roch fortifications

Old City Hall

Adam Mickiewicz theater

Konduktorownia Art Gallery

Arena Częstochowa speedway

Being a historic and religious place, Czestochowa is a very special city to every Pole. Over the years Czestochowa has become a modern and open European city, recognized and awarded by the Council of Europe. In 1998 the prestigious Honorary Flag was granted to the first city in Middle East Europe for its European integration and cooperation with other European municipal governments. Later, in 1998, the city won the Council of Europe’s main prize: Prix de l’Europe.

Today Czestochowa has 250,000 inhabitants, yet the city’s origins date back to 13th century. The city is located in the picturesque South of Poland upon the Warta River and is the 12th biggest city in Poland.

Thanks to the millions of tourists and pilgrims visiting the city every year, Czestochowa has a well developed trade and communication infrastructure. It can be easily reached by car or train from other Polish cities. You can also fly to the international Pyrzowice Airport of Katowice, which is located only 60 km away from Czestochowa.


Undoubtedly the most widely recognized monument of Czestochowa is the Luminous Mount Monastery (Jasna Góra). It is the biggest, the most stunning and most frequently visited place in the city. Thanks to the magnificent Basilica and the monastery including the icon of Black Madonna to which miraculous powers are attributed, the city has become the major centre for Virgin Mary’s cult and Christian pilgrimages from all around the world. A lot of beautiful traditions of Christianity can be observed while visiting Czestochowa. To the Luminous Mount Monastery you can get by a great Virgin Mary’s Avenue surrounded by a large park and garden complex. Apart from the Monastery, the ancient Street of Seven Townhouses (ulica 7 Kamienic) is worth visiting.


Culture lovers won’t be disappointed in Czestochowa either as there are a lot of cultural institutions in the city. Music lovers should pay a visit to the city’s Philharmonic and the Centre of Culture Promotion “Gaude Mater”, the main organizer of the International Festival of Sacral Music under the same title as well as the Kalina Jedrusik’s Festival of Good Music. Czestochowa is also famous for its men’, women’s and mixed choirs.

The theatre goers can see plays in Adam Mickiewicz Theatre or visit From Poland Gallery as well as Theatre S –Stacherczak for spectacles and other cultural events.

Those of you who are into surrealism should not miss the Museum of Imagination – Tomasz Setowski’s gallery and workshop.

Climbing and speleology

Thanks to interesting geological structure of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, where Czestochowa is located, the city became Poland’s climbing lovers’ capital. Throughout the ages the upland used to be the bottom of many seas and thus many rock layers were formed. Limestone rock and erosion valleys are characteristic of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. There are many natural climbing walls with various levels of difficulty. Apart from that, you can visit many caves there with interesting stalactites and stalagmites attracting speleology’s fans every year.


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