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MSc Computer Science (Spec. Artifical Intelligence)

A 1.5-year graduate programme in Computer Science in the areas of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computing in Business and Economics
  • Computing in Science and Engineering
The course consists of 1400 hours of instruction, consisting of approximately 510 lecture hours, 270 tutorial hours and 330 hours of laboratory and project work. In each of the above specialisations, there are general lectures on modern databases, basics of Artificial Intelligence, Windows programming, operating systems, computer network administration as well as several courses related to the area of specialisation.


Graduate studies extend the knowledge of modern mathematics and cover the latest trends in computer science. Studying is mostly individual. Each student must choose a scientific advisor from among the faculty´s teaching and research staff according to their scientific interests. The last semester concludes with the defence of the master thesis which is usually highly related to the ongoing faculty research. The best students have the opportunity to continue their education, extend knowledge and focus on scientific research at Ph.D. studies.

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Degree: Master Description
Course Title: Computer sciences Description
Where: Warsaw University of Technology Description
Language: English

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Duration Total cost Fee per semestr
1,5 year 6 300 € 2 100 € Book now

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