BSc Computer Science

Course description

Bachelor´s degree studies for the first three semesters including basic classes focus mainly on mathematics, which allows for the effective learning of computer science and programming techniques in the next semesters. In this period, students receive basic information on calculus, linear algebra and geometry, discrete mathematics, logics, numerical methods and principles of electronics. Additionally, during the first semesters, introduction to structural and object-oriented programming, algorithms and data structures and operating systems courses are offered. Until the fourth semester, classes are joint for all students. From the fifth semester students have the opportunity to choose elective courses according to their interests. The electives cover both, theoretical and practical aspects of computer science and offer extension as well as more thorough understanding of the subject. The last, seventh semester is mainly devoted to team project and diploma.


Type of degree: Field of study: University:
Bachelor Computer sciences Warsaw University of Technology

Course availability

Duration: Price: Price for term:
3,5 years 11 550 1 650
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