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Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA)

Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration Program is conducted as a joint venture between ESG - University of Quebec at Montreal (ESG - UQAM) and the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). We offer an intensive, 18-month executive MBA program designed for working professionals with diverse educational backgrounds.

CEMBA is designed for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to study part time to advance or enhance their business careers. The program emphasizes the latest concepts, practices, and skills that effective managers and leaders need in today's rapidly changing workplace

The CEMBA program is taught by both Canadian faculty and by Canadian-trained and/or American-trained Polish faculty from the Warsaw School of Economics. They are selected based on their teaching evaluations and international experience. A pool of faculty has been developed, which includes the finest and most experienced professors able to offer interactive MBA classes.

In the MBA courses, professors use a range of different teaching methods in the classroom. You can expect a highly participatory, interactive atmosphere. We use case studies, some developed for local Polish businesses jointly with Polish faculty, and each year we offer business games and simulations. We have used videotaped presentations and multimedia within the classroom, as well as guest speakers from prominent companies.

We expect students to be able to work at a high level and within the groups to which they are assigned, to carry out projects and case study analyses. Within the CEMBA program, an intensive socialization takes place and teamwork is developed under conditions of stress and competition, where leadership qualities emerge and are tested.

We favour an integrative approach, providing an overall understanding of how organizations, small and large, work without neglecting the acquisition by students of a sound functional knowledge of business, without which one cannot become a credible manager. Finally, we favour an international perspective, a sine qua non condition for survival and growth in the age of globalization.The international character of our curriculum translates into special courses and seminars in International Marketing and International Finance.

  • Graduates of the Canadian Executive MBA program receive an original diploma from the University of Quebec at Montreal, not a certificate.
  • 70% of lecturers are professors from foreign universities with extensive professional experience, both academic and practical.
  • Classes are given every Friday and Saturday, allowing students to gain knowledge and earn their MBA degree in 18 months.
  • 100% of the classes taught and materials used in the CEMBA program are in English.
  • Candidate's admission to the Program is valid for two successive cohorts. During this time the student should pass all the courses required in the teaching schedule
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  • Prestigious EPAS accreditation received by the CEMBA program from EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).
  • Prestigious EQUIS accreditation (European Quality Improvement System) received by the partner Canadian university from EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).
  • Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa) - the best economics university in Poland, member of Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) - as a partner of the program.
  • CEMBA program has been consistently ranked among the top two E-MBA programs in Poland taught 100% in English

Tuition fees can be paid either in four equal instalments or in one payment before the classes begin.
The tuition fee is PLN 27 000 and USD 9 000.
The first invoice for PLN 6750 and USD 2250 is issued and distributed to the students during the first two weeks of classes with a 14-day payment period. The total amount on the invoice is given in PLN - the USD sum is calculated according to the mid NBP exchange rate from the date of issuing the invoice. The payment should be made in PLN to the bank account of SGH given on the invoice. The subsequent invoices are issued every 3- 4 months (after having completed four full courses), for PLN 6750 and USD 2250 each, denominated in PLN with 14-day payment period.
Fees include cost of:

  • tuition,
  • educational materials


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